Pattaya – Patpong on Steroids by Duncan Stearn

Book Description:
When Pattaya, Patpong on Steroids first hit the bookshelves in Thailand in March 2002 it quickly became one of the most popular English-language tomes in the country.

In his review of the book, done for the Pattaya Trader (April 2002), the late Scott Miller wrote, ‘Many have come before and many will come after, but Duncan shoots from the hip and he is more than a confident shooter. His stories demonstrate his knowledge of the ways of Pattaya and Thailand. Each account into the lives of the bargirls offers depth beyond the tale. Each person has a face and a name and a past, present and maybe, an unexpected future.

Most intriguing is the chapter entitled ‘The Ugly Australians’. An attempt at character assassination it explains an errant 60 Minutes television presentation in Australia. Anyone who has ever been misquoted or misled will immediately recognise these proceedings. Duncan sets the slates straight.’

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